Video Creations from Photos


PHOTOS                                                                                                                                                   are  wonderful  Memories  and  also bring  Joy  to as  when we  looking at them  again  and again …. or sharing  them with  Others.

Now. . . to watching   PHOTOS  in a VIDEO   on Your  Computer  or  even from a DVD on  Your  TV  as  “Photo – Slide – Show”   or  as  “Little Story – Video”  even   can be  some Great Experience  for You  or the Whole  Family.

A  PHOTO-VIDEO  can be  created from ANY Event  and   for different  Purposes , as for  Yourself and Your own Enjoyment  or as nice Gift  for Someone  or even for Business  Purposes.                                                                                                                                               Photos  can  telling  more  as  Words can say . . .  !

You think may say now, BUT we can not  give Photos “Life” ,  right,  People or Animals  can not  moving  in any Photo You  shoot with Your Camera, no matter  what  great Camera You got …

I want to show You  “some”  here  as  ” Example “    what is possible to give Your Photos   a “Kind Life”   in a Video as   “Kind little Story”  telling  a Event .   

 Enjoy  this  Video I created  ONLY  from Photos  from a Vacation in Canada and may You will have a new Experience with Photos.   

When You love  such   Kind Video  for  Yourself   from  Your Photos   for Personal  or Business  Purpose ,                                                                                                                               I  can creating such  a  PHOTO – VIDEO   for YOU  and  do my very Best  for You !

Contact me for details and conditions  –  “email-form” on Top right here !  

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