Video Creations for Fun & Entertainment

Videos created for Fun  and Entertainment are very enjoyable for  Everyone usually Who got Humor

Here I like to  show You  Examples  of  Videos I did creating more  for Fun  & Entertainment Purpose.

This is just ONE Kind of Possibility  to enjoying Your Own Videos , and Kids will love this Kind of Videos maybe the most  . . . Kids enjoying all funny Things usually from there Hearts.

Enjoy few Examples of this Kind for Fun Videos of my Creations :


   a “Good Night” Dream & Fantasy Video-Creation

This  is created only  from Photos

. . . . .  some like this could be made with Your Own Photos and Your Face or Your Kids Photos  and Favor Toys  or any  else  You would like …


  a  Camcorder recorded VIDEO  enhanced with  PHOTOS & EFFECTS

a Song Video for  Entertainment and Fun

 This is  different created,  from a Video made with a Camcorder  and later edited with  embedded Photos into the recorded Video,  plus with  Effects enhanced.


This Kind of funny or for Entertainment enjoying  is usually one of the Favor Videos Kids loving from there Hearts .                                                                                                               AND  ALL THIS   is even  more  Enjoyment  when to watching on TV with the Video-Player from a DVD !                                                                                                      No Matter if  having  a good Time with the Family Members or Friends , laughing and entertaining is always  a “Plus”  by every Event  or just  like to  relaxing easy.


When You like Some Video made  for your Entertainment  from YOUR OWN Photos & Videos  , Kind like this once here on the Page, contact me  (on TOP of the Page),  just send me a short Message and I respond back soon as possible !     

My SERVICE   for You   is always  done with  my HEART .                                               About the Conditions for my Work for You is a personal individual conversation necessary .

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