VIDEO Creations & Editions Service

VIDEOS  watching on TV  with  Your Own Photos or Videos   from a DVD    can be lots of Fun  for  Kids and  Adults

Videos watching on TV is always some joyful Experience when You chose the Kind of Video You love to enjoying.


BUT  seeing  Yourself  on TV in a ” little Movie ”  made with a Video-Camera   is great  to enjoying Yourself  as often as You like it . . . just relaxing Yourself or enjoying good Feelings and take Time just for Yourself                                                                                                          . . .   OR   YOU love to share this with Your Family Members or Friends                                   in any way and for which Purposes or Events ever,  this is some really great Time and Entertainment.

NOW   You can have   Your Videos on a DVD  or  more as One Video  together on a DVD , so your have Your Videos safe stored.                                                                                       The Videos can also be edited and only the Parts You want keeping , even in the way You chose it to be on the DVD.


BUT not only the Videos from a Video-Camera can You watching on Your TV from a       DVD   !                                                                                                                                                    ALSO  Your Photos  can  be watched this same way from a DVD , as  “Slide Show” or  as Kind “Photo Video” like a real Photo-Movie   , or  even  Photos  can be “embedded”  into a existing Video  or Both can be mixed up and made to a nice Creation of Video and for ANY Purpose !

The POSSIBILITIES  ARE  NEARLY  ENDLESS !                       Still DreamingBig Boss

I like to show you just a FEW Videos as Examples  I did creating  for different Purposes here and  You can maybe imagine WHAT  more is possible   . . .

Look at the different Types of Video-Creations in the Pages I can creating for You, for Your Personal  Intentions or for Your Business enhancing and  other Purposes.

The Price-Arrangement  is dependent on the Kind of Work You wish to have be done in Personal Agreement.                                                                                                                 Contact me for individual Details in the Contact-Form on Top of this Page !

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